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Advocacy — Elevating the growth of youth by driving educational programs that are inclusive and innovative to grow future veterinary professionals.

PetTrio Charity drives change by partnering with educational institutions to propel the veterinary technician profession forward. We advocate for a more equitable and diverse approach to recruiting and supporting young people to join this inspiring industry and build programs with that inclusive lens. 

PetTrio Charity is collaborating with Robert Morgan Educational Center, a unique school that captures a combination of vocational training and a classical learning environment. This partnership includes renovating a state-of-the-art, student-centric veterinary professions program centered around a real-life animal shelter clinic housed within the campus. The clinic will serve as not only an essential tool to teach inclusive client and pet care but will also provide crucial low-cost services to an under-resourced area of Florida. 

PetTrio Charity also collaborates with the Wells International Foundation on its Youth Veterinarian Initiative, a program focused on educating and exposing minority youth to the veterinary field.