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In a heartwarming display of corporate social responsibility, Tito's Vodka for Dog People has recently made a substantial donation to the PetTrio Charity.

PetTrio Charity stands as a shining example of the positive change that can be achieved when people come together to support a common cause

PetTrio Charity's first phase project at Robert Morgan Educational Center empowers students, improves pet care, and nurtures entrepreneurial thinking. By creating a bathing station area and fostering collaboration, this initiative prepares students to make a positive impact in animal welfare and the community at large

PetTrio Charity's completion of its first project at the Robert Morgan Educational Center's Vet Assisting program is a great success story!

Alexandre Contreras, the founder of PetTrio Charity, recently appeared on Dr. Michael Tokiwa's podcast, The Collaborative Vet.

PetTrio Charity Launches First Project: Renovating Robert Morgan Educational Center's Vet Assisting Program in Miami,Florida

PetTrio Charity joins Chamber South

PetTrio Charity Joins Chamber South

We are thrilled to announce that PetTrio Charity has joined Chamber South, a leading organization dedicated to promoting and supporting local businesses and organizations in the community.

Joining Chamber South is an exciting opportunity for PetTrio Charity to connect with other businesses and organizations in the community and to share our mission with a wider audience. We are eager to collaborate with other members of Chamber South to make a positive impact in the community and to support pets and their owners in need.

We are grateful for the support of Chamber South and look forward to working together to make a difference in the lives of pets and their owners. Thank you for allowing us in the pack

The first BIPOC Lead ,Community Focused, Human and Animal Wellbeing gathering in U.S History!

PetTrio Charity™ Inc, is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie's Fund® #ThankstoMaddie

PetTrio Charity™ Inc, is a proud recipient of funding from Maddie's Fund® #ThankstoMaddie

This article series is titled “Veterinary Entrepreneurs Changing the World.” We will dive in together to learn and be inspired about their fascinating personalities and career paths.

WIF welcomed Alexandre Contreras, our first vet tech speaker, to the YVI podcast. We are pleased to honor him during National Veterinary Technician Week (October 16-22, 2022).

Interview with Alexandre Contreras winner of the Veterinary Heroes' veterinary paraprofessional category,

The winners of its second annual Veterinary Heroes™ recognition program. Inductees will be honored on Thursday, August 25, 2022, at the Fetch dvm360® conference in Kansas City, Mo.

Bright Mind 2022: Out Of The Box Thinker Winner

The inventor of the KlipTrio ® nail clipper who wants to motivate more Latinos to enter careers in animal welfare to save more animals in Florida and across the country.

From humble beginnings to an ambitious Veterinary Technician turned Entrepreneur.