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 Care — PetTrio Charity's Care work is inspired by real-life veterinary experience seeing families struggle to access critical care for their pets.


Sadly, a dog named Rocky, a boxer puppy, came down with a brutal case of parvovirus, a deadly disease in young dogs. The dog’s family was distraught and wanted to do everything in their power to save this sweet, suffering pup. Unfortunately, they only had enough funds to cover half of the cost of treatment. Vet staff pooled resources to match funds and supplement the cost of veterinary care — this was only made possible with the rallying support of the community. The vet team jumped into action to start the urgent and extensive medical treatment, including quarantine, IV fluids, medication to treat the virus, frequent check-ins, additional parvo tests, and more. Miraculously, and thanks to the vet team's support, Rocky made a full recovery and is happy back at home snuggling up with his family!


Advocacy —Educational efforts are propelling the veterinary care and animal welfare profession forward, with essential focus on proactive equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts. We recognize the need for more veterinary profession opportunities in public and vocational schools that are accessible to all students. 

A great example of this approach is PetTrio Charity’s Mock Veterinary Clinic collaboration at Robert Morgan Educational Center in Miami, Florida. The mock clinic simulates a veterinary clinic setting to provide hands-on practice and experience: students adopt roles of both veterinary assisting (technician) and patient. This role-playing experience provides the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in clinical situations and enables critical learning without real clients. Students gain insights into a “day in the life” of veterinary clinic work, as well as collaborative discussions to understand both the clinic’s and the client’s point of view. This real-life experience is instrumental in student learning, including medical records, phones, exam room, supplies, equipment, lab area for routine tests, autoclave, examination, and surgical tools and equipment. These students leave prepared, confident, and grounded in diverse perspectives as they enter clinical internships and volunteerships.


  Support — Partnering with shelters, rescues, and organizations to elevate their essential work and provide assistance via financial aid, innovative and expert collaboration, and promotions. 

Visiting Vet International 2023 Missions 

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